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Our GuardDoc Hosted Archiving Service delivers a security-enhanced and tamper-proof email archiving solution for your email archiving needs. Whether you are a small business who is concerned with knowledge management or a large financial institution who must comply with numerous Federal regulations, our range of hosted archiving solutions can meet your specific needs.

Basic Email Archiving
Email archiving can help you accelerate e-discovery requirements during legal action, protect vital corporate data and correspondence and decrease the cost of data storage and backup.   In today’s environment of the ever-shrinking IT budget, hosted archiving also enables your IT staff to focus on their primary responsibilities and enable users to quickly and easily search archived email on their own.   Learn more about our GuardDoc Hosted Archiving Service.

Email Archiving for Compliance
Whether you need regulatory compliant archiving for SEC, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FRCP or other governmental regulations, our GuardDoc Hosted Archiving for Compliance Service enables companies such as financial institutions, legal firms and publically traded companies to meet federal requirements. Learn more about how our hosted archiving for compliance service enables you to quickly and easily comply with all regulations.

Unsure as to exactly which hosted archiving solution is right for your needs.  Here are some questions to consider.

Is it costly to backup all of your emails and attachments?
Does it take a long time for your IT staff to retrieve specific data?
Do you want to monitor employee communication?
Do you have storage issues?
Do you have to abide by any federal regulations?
Do you have any corporate knowledge management needs or requirements?
Have you ever been involved some sort of legal action?

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